Following are some exciting new features which i am trying to categories as following:


SIA(Sitecore Installation Assistance) is UI based sitecore installation wizard come along with Sitecore 9.2. Now you can download this.

This is very useful utility for non-technical person without playing much with powershell script they can install sitecore 9.2. Just we need to set few parameters for our customization. You will get UI as below screen shot.

More details:


  • A new Indexing sub-role has been added to the Sitecore server roles to simplify the configuration of content indexing.
    When you assign the Indexing sub-role to a server role, that role manages content indexing automatically and the other server roles that have not been assigned this sub-role do not index content.
    You configure the Indexing sub-role in the web.config file and can combine it with the CM and CD roles, for example, ContentManagement, Indexing.
  • Security- Sitecore now supports SSL offloading. A new configuration file has been introduced to enable SSL offloading. The \App_Config\Include\Examples\Sitecore.LoadBalancing.config.example file is disabled by default.


  • Sitecore XP now supports YAML serialization.
    The Serialization API has been refactored and improved to also support serialization in YAML format. Tree serialization is now available and is similar to what Unicorn does.
    The old serialization format will be deprecated and removed in one of the next major releases.

Sitecore Forms

  1. It has added ​support for Sitecore JavaScript Services​ (JSS​)​. JSS now fully supports Sitecore Forms enabling efficient form creation coupled with headless deployments.
  2. the following required parameters have been added to the ​Send Email Campaign Message submit action:
  • Select email field
  • Specify the identification source
  • Select the consent field

3. Improved integration between EXM and Sitecore Forms
If you use both EXM and Sitecore Forms, the 9.2 release provides some enhanced functionality that empowers marketers.
The default send action for Sitecore Forms now allows marketers to send personalized messages to both known and new contacts. The send action is triggered when a form is submitted and can use data from within the form itself as a result of enhanced support for custom tokens.

This is good video, Please have a look.

4. The name of the selected goal/campaign/outcome/page is now shown in the list of selected save actions in the property editor.

JSS 12.0

Multi-site management capabilities, originally found in SXA, is now also found with JSS solutions. JSS users can control and share content or presentation in a headless marketing environment.

SXA 1.9

Sitecore Experience accelerator 1.9 includes:

  • You can now add background images to any component.
  • You can now define a rule in the Sitecore Rules Engine that assigns a page design to a page when it is rendered.

More Info:

  • ​​StyleLabs is now integrated with SXA Responsive images and allows you to use StyleLabs transformations to render the most appropriate images for different screen sizes.
  • SXA is now integrated with JSS.
  • ​A Component Wizard has been added to facilitate the creation of custom components assembled from SXA features.

This is good video, Please have a look.

There are some other good new features are added.

Other features:

  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 9.2 begins the integrated experience between ContentHub and Sitecore XP. Starting with integration with ContentHub’s Content Marketing Platform and the Digital Asset Management this is the first step in Sitecore’s integration delivering complete ownership of the content lifecycle.
  • Active Personalization Dashboard: A new optimization feature providing holistic insight into all active personalization tactics within your solution. This new dashboard will provide an overview of all personalization actively occurring. Along with reach and effect metrics, marketing teams can quickly see poorly performing or well performing tactics to act upon them.
  • Data Purging API: A new API technologists can use to control and actively pursue data purging and archiving strategies. This API gives companies complete control over their solution’s data. Purge unnecessary data for a lower cost of ownership and to meet any privacy requirements.
  • Whitelisting is enabled by default for Azure Search.
    Sitecore now indexes a predefined set of fields. This gives full control over the size of the index and overcomes the 1k field limitation in Azure Search.
  • Consumption tracking -​Sitecore may collect telemetry metrics to help us understand how our customers use the product and develop web sites using the features in the product.
  • The Redis Sessions state provider now uses StackExchange.Redis 2.0​​.
  • Tracker performance has been improved by reducing the number of calls from the tracker to xConnect.
  • MongoDB 4.x is the required version for xConnect and the Session State Provider.​​
  • You can now delete a contact and all the information related to it.

Happy Sitecore learning :).

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